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La Bretagne et l'Europe

La Bretagne et l’Europe

A level pack
April 1999
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Introduction to ‘A’ level teaching

Teaching ‘A’ level poses the problem of filling the gap between GCSE knowledge and ‘A’ level standard of understanding and using the target language. GCSE knowledge means different topics that the students has seen during Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, and that were presented mostly in form of transactional situations, in which the students needed some vocabulary and structures, in order to perform a dialogue or a well defined activity that was scaffolded from the previous atomic learning. No place for hazard or surprises, as the language was carefully adapted to the level of the pupils. In A level teaching, the material is original and the students must face the diversity of reality, and thus to develop strategies in order to cope with this new situation. The role of the teacher is to built a progressive syllabus that will enhance the autonomy of the student in his understanding and practice of the target language.

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